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Muslimah A. Salam, M.Psi., Psikolog

Helping without discriminating

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NIAIPK : 17011227
SIPP : 503/10843/SIP.PK/DPM-PTSP/2/2024

I’m a licensed clinical psychologist with 7 years experience of counseling and I have my official practice licenses (active SIPP, STRPK, and SIPPK).

It’s been my biggest interest & true inner-calling since long time ago to help as many people as possible in dealing with inner turmoils and mental health problems, especially those who have experienced LGBTQ, unhealthy relationship, PTSD, anxiety, burn-out, suicidal tendency, existential crisis, trauma, emotional blackmail, empath-narcissistic unhealthy relationship and sexual abuse & assesment of personality using MCMI-IV test (Millon).
I’ve been working with Psikomorfosa (5 years), WorkMe by Ibunda.id (3 years), Halodoc (1 year), and also personally giving private counselling sessions as requested (Offline session in Ubud, Bali).
Using Transpersonal Psychology for understanding Exceptional Human Experiences (EHE) is mostly one of my approaches for my clients (both local and foreigner). Hopefully my professional service could help and positively impact the people who need it.